Our purpose is to allow a small group, typically a family or friends, to experience Iceland in an affordable, friendly way.  (70000isk  for 4 people)

Covid 19 Update, please read our page on How Iceland and Privileged Tours is responding.   

We do not combine groups

  • We are not a large operation, in fact just a husband and wife team. Frances runs our Privileged Guest House www.guesthouse-iceland.com  email frances@ghi.is Ian is the driver guide.
  • Ian also works with one of Iceland’s best small tour companies, Gateway to Iceland  (www.gtice.is).
  • If you don’t mind being in a small group and going with the pre-set itinerary, Gateway to Iceland could work out cheaper for you.
    With Privileged Tours  – it is just your group.
  • We offer flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the group during the day.
  • We offer very small group tours from 1 to 6 persons, though the 5th and 6th person seats are best only for children, or short legs!
  • We can pickup from Keflavik (main airport) then take you for a tour, then back to the airport or to your accommodation location.
  • Pickup from hotel or lodgings, return to same location or down town Reykjavik – your choice.
  • Later pickup or early return are options, we just adjust the day to suit you.

We are a registered business, we have insurance cover both for our vehicles and Ian as a driver guide and walking guide. Our vehicles are inspected as people carriers.

We are still looking for a suitable booking system, if you wish to book or know more, simply call or email both of these will get Ian (Driver Guide) directly

00354 6626389   email 4allfoursehf@gmail.com Ian’s phone email account so you get a reply quite quickly.
or ian@privileged.is  but this is not direct to Ian’s mobile

There are many many tour offers, it is hard for you to feel you have chosen the right provider.
We have no easy answer for you, price, flexibility, reviews and gut feeling; these are most peoples methods.

Email or call us, we are happy to help and answer your questions, check out the reviews at our Guest House site, we even offer an inclusive package, for both winter and summer.

Email for tours Ian@privileged.is or for the Guest House Frances@ghi.is
Phone 00354 6626389